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Bitumen Grade 60/70 or 80/100  Bitumen Grade 60/70 or 80/100
 375$ 410$ 
 Bulk New steel drum 
 Last update:27 July Last update:27 July 

 Country: Romania

 Tender notice type: Tender notice

 Description: Supply of fuel

Tender category: Oil and gas product and equipment

 Action Deadline :  14 Aug 2019 Description:  Transmission fluid oil
 Country: India  Tender notice type: Tender notice
 Action deadline: 12 Aug 2019  Tender category: Oil and gas product and equipment
 Estimated cost:7000000 INR  Description: Supply of two vehicles for Swacch mission Grzp thane

The Beginning To The End

 We are going to be with you from the beginning to the end thereforeIt's our pleasure to inform you that we provide all of your requirements for trading in a package so that the finished price will be extremely reduced. At first, we compare your RFQ then contacting to the right supplier and trader and help you to close deal with the best one. We will not leave you alone and if you need the inspection and logistic services, we will help you to find the right and trusted companies.

Based on our experience and relationship over the years, we will give you advice  free of charge. 

رسانه جدید

 Make connection between buyer and right supplier directly


Bitumen is one of the most important commodities used in various industries, including


construction, agriculture, etc. Since the main supplier of bitumen are in the Middle East, this area has always been considered by dealers and one of the major problems for buyers is how to get in touch with right supplier.

Therefore, the International Bitumen Supply has solved this problem by relying on it's many years of experience in the oil and gas industry and international connections in the region.

So, we are going to connect the buyer and right supplier directly in the shortest possible time and in a secure framework.



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 Why International Bitumen Supply:

In some trades those buyers are interested in using the LC methods but producers are willing to receive their money through the T.T. process, we play a role as trusty. Based on our banking credit and our financial ability the method is acceptance LC from buyers and pay the money to the producers with T.T., hence the buyers buy from the main producers directly.



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