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Oxidized Bitumen

Produced by either continuous or staggered blowing process. Heated penetration grade bitumen under controlled environmental is blown with air which controls the oil content in the bitumen while it oxidized. Oxidized Bitumen or Blown bitumen grades are produced by passing air through the penetration grades. This process gives the bitumen more rubbery properties than its original formula and they are simply harder bitumen. Hard bitumen under controlled temperature conditions is widely used as an anti-slip layer compound in the piling industry, for the manufacture of roofing felts, roofing and waterproofing industries, the roofing and waterproofing industries, for sound dampening felts, electric cable joint protection and joint filling compound. It is also used in the manufacturing of bituminous marine mastic for the oil & gas pipeline joints.

The most popular grades are; grades 95/25, 85/25, 90/40 and 115/15. Some of the major advantages Oxidized Bitumen are that it is completely water resistant, highly flexible and durable. Further, it is chemically very stable. Oxidized bitumen is a very flexible compound that is not only chemically stable but also a very durable compound apart from being completely water resistant. Lastly, Oxidized Bitumen has some very prominent technical advantages that makes it a very sought after compound in variousapplications.