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Performance 76-10

Performance grade bitumen(PG) is a type of bitumen  which is designed by  its performance at different temperatures. There is an algorithm used to obtained the temperature of the pavement by the air temperature. This algorithm which is given by long-term pavement performance (LTPP) calculated the highest and lowest temperatures of pavement. There is a specific method which help to choose the proper PG asphalt binder for different climate and conditions. The grade of this bituminous asphalt consist of two parts in notation, the first number is high pavement temperature the second number is the low pavement temperature. The minimum pavement temperature is used to prevent thermal cracking in cold weather condition. Performance grade binder PG 76-10 mean it can 7 days  meet maximum pavement temperature of 76°C and minimum pavement temperature of -10°C so it can be used in hot areas. This grade of performance bitumen mostly used in pavement construction, pavement rehabilitation, crack sealing, spray applications and pavement protective membrane . It can be used for paving road with high traffic because of less tenderness it is.