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Q1: What are the best alternatives for penetration grades ?

Instead of penetration grade 80/100 you can use VG 10, the best alternatives for penetration grades 60/70 and 30/40 are VG 30 and VG 40 respectively.

Q2:  Which kind of bitumen could be used in different climates?

  • For cold weather conditions : PG 52-28 would be proper because it could resist against low temperatures up to -28 centigrade degree.
  • For scorching hot areas : PG 76-10 and PG 82-10 would be ideal because it can resist against high temperature up to 76o C.
  • .For humid weather or for waterproofing : oxidized 90-10 could be proper because of hardiness it has

Q3: How can I pay?

You can pay TT (Telegraphic Transfer) or LC (Sight/Usance/Differed).

Q4: Why the prices have a range?

The prices affected by many factors including: packaging, destination, fluctuation in exchange rate and    the type of product.


Q5: After sending request and payment how many days it will take to receive our products?    

It is completlet depended to the destination and amount of order, but as a rough estimation after our sales team get the necessary information, a period of 20 days take for bulk bitumen`s draft 

period of 40 days take for barrel bitumen`s draft.

Q6: How can I order any kind of bitumen I need?

1-First of all, you should Sign Up in our website, in case you are a member log in.

2-Send your request by Submitting RFQ Form.

3- After payment our sales department consider your request, depending on packaging and your destination you will receive your product in near future.